Hiatus extended

Hello friends, sorry to tell you I’m extending my hiatus due to more work. I’ll be gone for another month, possibly more than that. I hope you are all doing well. ❤


On hiatus —> November

Dear friends,

I’m sad to inform you all that you won’t see any activity from me here on WordPress for a while. This includes posting, reading, commenting and generally communicating on here. Please understand this is not due to any decrease in interest or adoration for you all. I simply cannot muster the time as my manuscript has to be finished and submitted by this November.

My heart goes out to all of you and I wish you the best in chasing down that creative ghost. Looking forward to catch up with you again when this is over. I’m still available on facebook if you wish to get in touch with me.

Until November,


I was that Bitch

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I was that bitch who stole your boyfriend
swept him away with my velvet-heeled charm
I was that bitch who hung up on you
when you called me at 2am and said you wanted to kill yourself

I was the bitch who didn’t tell you
your mascara had run down your cheek in PE
I was the bitch who pried through the prison fences
while you prayed for forgiveness

(heavens help you now)

I was that bitch who didn’t say no when you pushed into me without consent, which indeed makes me equally guilty
you said you wanted to be there in case anything happened
I said I’ll send you a postcard from the abortion clinic

(Wish you were here)

I was the bitch you swore you’d dreamt of your entire life, weaving fetish fantasies with corset stitches. I was the bitch who stayed, who talked, fucked, and fed from your palate.
I was also the bitch who could only be loved from behind bars,

a roadside window,
disclosing the path home
but your blinds are shut
and I never care to look over my shoulder.




Hiroshima Hentai- Henna Sjöblom/Murder Tramp Birthday

I got published on SD today and I have nothing to say for myself.

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

It’s tasteless, you said
erasing my search history.
I said I’ll do whatever it takes
to end this war.

Physically impossible?
Well honey,
that’s what they said about the atomic bomb.

I dream of a girl on a meadow
her face melting into purple wax
and cherries and brain-matter, meringue on top.
Shame breeds desperation breeds loosened morals and
Little Boys
causing trouble.

Basking in the afterglow,
I wipe the radiation from my face.
Through the walls of the shelter,
I still hear them scream
wishing for a white-hot impact,
waiting for their time to burn.

Henna Sjöblom,  the goth girl next-door. Aspiring author. Monstrophile. Horror enthusiast. She writes to cope with mental illness and everyday experiences. Find her at Murder Tramp Birthday

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“See you soon” or “The last messages sent in every friendship that ever ended”

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Oh, that’s great! Let me know when you’re free xoxo

Leave me alone.

Did you read the book?

You have been removed from this group.


I can’t believe you did this to me.

Um… yeah…


Stop victimizing yourself you cunt.

But what happened?

Don’ worry, you’ll thank him later.

What if you got to have majestic sex with Thorin Oakenshield?

Talk to you soon!

U okay?

No, I guess there isn’t.

It’s okay. I understand.

Will we speak again?




Experimenting on here again. If you recognize yourself here… you’re welcome 😉

Obituary 2

Relaterad bild


[part 1]

[Trigger warning: suicide, self-harm]



He first appeared as a lump in my throat, rising with the spring floods. A few days later, I found him again, lying in the water. I picked him up, mud-drenched and moldable, and like the goddess Athena breathed life into his figure. I then lent him my fire, which he used to light up the world around us.

That fall, he taught me how to hunt – our bodies merged together in an endless cycle of rebirth, the glory of the kill pulsing through our veins. Using my spiky nibs to slice trough prey, I felt myself growing stronger. Meanwhile, the forest grew dense, shielding our distorted figures from the world. I soon started to forget what water tasted like.

Every night, he’d watch me from outside the window, covered in frost. You foul thing, I exclaimed, my thorns scraping against his bare skull of his head without leaving a trace. You’re not even real yet you’re the only one my arms can hold. My own bed has become a stranger. I can barely hear the phone buzzing downstairs. I spent my days at the school desk staring out the window, watching his figure fluttering outside the window, never questioning why nobody else could see him. For every nail in my back, I dug my own deeper into my wrist, the blood staining the faces in the hallway, washing off their indifferent domes.

In winter, we got separated from each other. The woods thinned out around me allowing their eyes to pierce through the foliage. I fantasized of walking out in the lake from whence he’d first appeared, of also becoming a shapeless, muddy thing, freed from the ties of this world. Standing at the windowsill I hear him roar, his longing blocking out their voices – yeah, I miss you too. But the tide has risen and I can no longer stay where I am not wanted. I cut my hair short. I typed in “easiest way to kill yourself” on google. Then I carved in his initials like a road map on my upper arm and walked out the door with no intention to return.

The waters wore the color of regret.




The second piece in a trilogy about my high-school depression. Oh and this was 8 years ago. Thankfully I now live in another place.






Liebster Award – I’ve been nominated!

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Alright so I was nominated ages ago by the lovely Ilari at Bipolar – Notice me Aliens (which is a hella rad name by the way). Sadly I was unable to respond at the time due to my mental state, but now I’m finally picking up the trail.

The rules are to answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you, post on your blog, nominate seven more and make up 11 new questions for them to answer.

Apparently this award means I’m a nice person, which is news to me! No seriously, I’m so happy you thought of me. ❤ I’ll try my best to answer your questions here.


1. What is your favorite hobby/passion?

This is obviously writing, but I must say that I love videogames.

2. How many languages can you speak?

I speak Swedish, English (surprise), Finnish (fairly), and a bit of German.

3. You like animals?

I’m a huge dog lover.

4. You ever play a videogame? If yes what is your favourite?

This was already partly answered, haha. My most frequently played favorites are the Fallout series and Skyrim, but the most beautiful and touching video game I ever played was Beyond Two Souls. I wept like a baby.

5. You have any piercings?

Sadly no. I’ve been wanting to get my nose pierced but at the same time I don’t wanna draw attention to it because I think I have an ugly nose.

6. You have any tattoos?

I’ve got my left leg covered in song lyrics, the word Storyteller beneath my thumb, and a butterfly on my collarbone.

7. The last book you have read?

“The Humans” by Matt Haig.

8. Your goals/dreams for the future?

To be an annoying feminist writer and a nail in the eye of the patriarchy.

9. What you think about the “stigma” to mental illness?

Loathsome. Especially the stigma that surrounds self-harm.

10. Favorite flavor of pizza?

Shrimps, garlic and feta cheese.

11. Morning or night?

This might be a surprise but morning. It’s actually my most efficient writing hour of the day.


Now I’m supposed to come up with eleven new questions for my own nominees to answer so let’s see.

  1. Would you kill one person to save the lives of ten?
  2. What are the names of your demons?
  3. Ever smoked Marijuana?
  4. Name a person who makes you believe in yourself.
  5. The name of the first person who made you question your sexuality?
  6. Do you ever doubt the existence of others than you? (Stole this one from Tumblr.)
  7. What’s the last message you sent? (Fb, Whatsapp, whatever.)
  8. In your opinion, was the Devil ever really evil?
  9. Favorite line in “Hallelujah?”
  10. If your anxiety was a physical creature, what’d it look like?
  11. If you were going to die and were allowed one last phone call, who would you call and what would you say?


My nominees are: (of course, there’s absolutely no need to do this challenge if you don’t want to!)

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Damn, there are so many more I’ like to add but the rules say to only nominate seven… well screw that, if any of my mutuals and friends on here would like to do this consider that I nominated you!